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Welcome to a much loved, rustic, adventure-filled house nestled halfway up a Laurentian hill on 2.5 acres of land. 


This is the perfect place to rent in any season for families or groups of friends of all ages, for one night or several months. 


Whether you want to sit out on the deck and enjoy the view with a meal, or step into the surrounding woods where a network of hiking/ski trails await you, Chalet Wills has it all in abundance.


Beyond that, a short hike or drive will land you in the beautiful Laurentian wilderness, any number of spas, ski hills or quaint French Canadian villages. It’s all on the doorstep.


The main floor of the house is one level and consists of three bedrooms, two veranda rooms (with occasional use beds), a kitchen, lounge, dining room and bathroom. 


The basement is the foundation of the house and offers ample storage for tools, seasonal equipment and more. There is also a sauna on that level with immediate outdoor access - perfect for a roll in the snow after you sweat!


Above the main floor is a spacious loft for even more storage if required.


The house is heated by electric baseboard heating which you can set to your preferred temperature per room on a thermostat. In the lounge is a fireplace that casts a warm, homely glow for the chillier evenings.


Chalet Wills has been in the Wills family since the 1970s, and we want to share our love for this beautiful home and area by renting it to those who will enjoy it as much as we do.

Amenities included:
  • Wifi

  • Oven and stove

  • Refrigerator

  • Shower and bathtub

  • Washing machine

  • Furniture

  • Sauna (heated stone)


Amenities not included
  • Bedding

  • Towels


Optional (at cost)
  • Cleaner

  • Additional firewood


About the water supply

The house is fed by a shallow well that contains 800 liters of fresh water when full. The water is perfect for drinking, however we ask all renters to observe reasonable use of the water supply so that it won’t run dry (i.e. take short showers, avoid baths, run the tap for long periods of time.)


The water level can be measured at any time with a manual calculator formula.


In the rare event that the well might run dry from a low water table or drought, provision for emergency supply can be made. Additionally, a “fill up” can be arranged at cost if necessary.


Halfway down the driveway from the main house is a small cottage. It is one room in an  open plan layout. Although it has furniture (sofa with fold out bed), running water, electricity and heating, there are currently no bathroom facilities. 


Historically the little cottage has been used to accommodate overflow guests, for storage or as a remote office if you wish to step away from the main house.


During the winter months heavy snowfall is normal and will affect access to and around the house.

Access for vehicles

The driveway to the main house and small cottage runs uphill and is about 150 meters. At the top there is enough parking for three to four cars during the spring, summer and fall months.


During the winter the hill gets snowed over and becomes treacherous to drive up. At the bottom of the drive there is a parking lot that can accommodate six cars and is snow plowed after heavy falls. To access the house in winter time, it is recommended you wear suitable boots or snowshoes and hike up and down the hill to your vehicle. A sled on skis to transport bulky items is also available.


Sceptic tank cleaning

Every two to four years (depending on permanent or seasonal residents) we arrange to have the sceptic tank emptied.


Click photo for full view and description

Cliquer la photo pour la vue pleine écran et description



Deposit required

A damage deposit will be required prior to renting the property. Photos will be taken before and after your stay. The deposit will be fully refunded upon post-checkout confirmation of no damage.


Short stay from $150CAD / night

Available for weekends or weekdays, one night or several.


Long term stay: POA

If you wish to rent the property long term, we are happy to discuss how to arrange a bulk price based on size of party, length of stay and amenities required for any or all seasons.


Our family has been going up to the Wills cottage for over 30 years. It’s been a place of connection with nature, adventure and with our families and has given us many happy memories.


The facilities are great and of special note is their water which is the best we have ever tasted. The cottage is well situated for exploring the beautiful Laurentians in any season.


We heartily recommend the cottage.

Shirley Griffioen, big family

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the trails and area around this place, it is in a beautiful area.  There are great views and a super sliding hill at this quiet rustic cottage. 

Alex Lothian, wife and three children

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